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Tired of switching between pencils and highlighters while annotating or taking notes? We were. It was slowing us down.

So we developed The Annotator, a pencil + highlighter in one. Combining a #2HB pencil, white pencil eraser, and chisel-tip highlighter, it’s faster and easier than carrying each item separately.

And with these 4 new metallic colors, The Annotator now brings a sense of sophistication to marking up documents or scripts, taking and color-coding notes, annotating books, or maybe just doodling.

  • All-in-one pencil, pencil eraser, and ink highlighter.

  • 4 metallic colors with matching inks (bronze, olive gold, gold, and silver).

  • #2 HB graphite core for easy writing.

  • Premium white eraser for clean erasing.

  • Chisel highlighter tip for broad highlighting or fine underlining.

  • Designed by students in California. Made in China.


Sozy Pencil + Highlighter Combo Metallic Pack

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