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  • Quill Pen and Ink Set: A perfect set for beginners. feather pen ink set includes: 1 Quill pen, 1 wooden dip pen, 1 glass dip pen, 17 different sizes of replaceable stainless steel nibs, 8 bottles of 15ML ink (black, red, green, pink, light blue, navy blue, orange, purple), 1 golden pen holder, 1 letter paper, 1 envelope, 1 exquisite color packaging box.
  • Comfortable design and versatile: the design of the calligraphy pen is comfortable to the touch.high quality ink and high quality nib ensure smoothness and smoothness, and the nib absorbs ink without causing huge ink stains. calligraphy pen set can be used as calligraphy pen, dip pen, signature pen. You can also use it to write beautiful texts, letters, gift cards, invitations, letters.
  • Multi ink and multi NIB: quill pen and ink set is equivalent with 17 different nibs and 8 colors of ink. Nibs are made of stainless steel, which are not easily deformed and write smoothly. The size of the nib ranges from 1mm to 5mm, Different nibs write different thick and thin lines,The ink uses safe non-toxic soluble dyes, which can achieve the best fluidity, long-lasting light resistance,and will not deteriorate or fade,allowing your work to be preserved for a long time.

AIYNC Quill Pen Calligraphy Set

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