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This winter, as days get colder and the nights ever longer, Ferris Wheel Press invites you to indulge with us in one of the joys of the season ⏤ a holiday pageant! Dress in your warmest finery and join us for a beautiful rendition of Swan Lake & a troupe of naturally graceful swans, pirouetting and pliéing across the stage. Prima ballerina, Madam Bear extends her leg in a delicate arabesque and twirls across the stage for the finale of the Nutcracker, in the grasp of her dashing partner. Settle into your velvet seat and get comfortable for the spectacular show.

Ink Tone: Merlot with mixed metallic sparkle

Characteristics: warm, velvety, mature, deep



  • 38ml ink reservoir
  • rich and saturated tones
  • water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
  • signiture brass cap

38ml Velvet Ballet Ink

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