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Writing Game for Lovers and Friends


Enjoy this fun writing-on-the-fly game - with insightful & improvisational prompts. Learn more about yourself & each other through the sharing of stories and memories. Play alone or in a group. When you feel inspired – or need to be!  Perfect for non-writers & accomplished writers & everyone in between.

101 prompts per game. 1.75” x 11”.  Sample Writing Prompts include:

- Write about your choice of friends when you were young. Who were they? Describe them.
- Describe in detail the face of a lover, using all of your senses.
- Write about the best gift you received from a friend.


Lovers & Friends - Deepen connection. These inspiring questions encourage sharing about 

life among dear friends.

Inspired by Laura Lentz writing group, Kauai Hawaii

Tops Malibu Writing Game Lovers and Friends

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