Gratitude Bath Brews are handmade in Dayton, Ohio

Expected turn around time is 2 Weeks.



Energy infused with Tiger Eye crystal. Tiger Eye is a stone of grounding and empowering. Tiger Eye is known as a powerful balancing stone. It reminds us to be grateful in all things. It encourages a positive attitude and will strengthen your self-confidence. It's also useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others. 



The blend of Frankincense and Sandalwood creates a woody but inviting aroma that is cleansing, relaxing, and improves your spiritual connection. It helps prepare you to receive the blessings coming to you. It also attracts everything from abundance to love. This blend has a woody but sweet scent with a small jolt of mint and a touch of pepper!



Epsom Salt, Pink Salt, and Sea Salt are the bases of all of our bath brews. These salts are used to purify the skin and relax muscles. 

Oats represent kindness, health, nutrition, wellness, improvement, finances, and treasures. All things to be grateful for.

Sage is a natural detoxifier. Both in the body and spirit. It is known for it's antibacterial and cleansing properties. 

Cinnamon is used to draw prosperity into your life.


Botanicals are used to provide a soothing and aromatic bath experience. Every batch of bath brew uses seasonal and varied botanicals. 

All of our products are infused with gold mineral flakes or gold leaf. Gold is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. It is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, and enlightenment. It helps us inspire you to find a greater connection with your spirituality and self through the soul. 



Your bath brew arrives in six pre-portioned tea satchels. Drop one bag into a warm tub, squeeze gently to release the salts and botanical essence, leave in the tub while soaking. When completed remove the bag, open to retrieve the crystal, and compost. 



Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Essential Oil, Sage, Botanicals, Oats, Cinnamon.

Fleur Thought - Gratitude Bath Brew


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