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Ferris Wheel Press proudly presents the lastest iteration of thier signature Brush Fountain Pen. Boasting the same level of quality that you expect from Ferris Wheel Press, the Brush Fountain Pen now comes dressed to impress in a stunning 14-karat plated gold nib. Measure the weight of your words in gold and elevate every aspect of your writing experience with their latest custom nib.

This striking gold nib is available in both fine and medium nib weights, housed in the iconic custom engraved brass grip assembly which will beautifully patina over time. The new gold plated nib provides the same smooth and reliable ink delivery that loyalists of Ferris Wheel Press are familiar with, ensuring every word written is as enjoyable from the first stroke to the last.

Pen your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and correspondences with an instrument that rewards you every time you pick it up. The Brush Fountain Pen dipped in 14k gold--your lastest reason to fall in love with writing again. 



  • Full copper body
  • Brass grip with CNC etching
  • Brass nut on cap
  • Total length: 143mm
  • Cap length: 57mm
  • Grip length: 24mm
  • Total weight: 23g
  • Nib: 14k gold plated medium or fine point 
  • Filling System: standard international sized piston converter with 0.75ml chamber

Sandcastle Clay Brush Fountain Pen - Gold Plated Nib

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