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Now available in a palette of 5 gorgeous colors, and a matching enveloped in Rattan patterned liner, there's something for every dreamer in our Fether Notebook Collection. Each notebook features 176 pages of FSC certified acid-free dot grid paper, perfect for your next brilliant idea. Feel the difference in our luxurious vegan leather cover, which withstands the test of your everyday adventures. Our ultra soft Fether material is self-healing, scratch resistant, and cruelty free. 



  • Ultra-soft cruelty-free vegan leather cover
  • 176 acid-free dot grid pages
  • Ink bleed and feathering resistant
  • Brilliant white paper stock in 100gsm
  • Fountain pen and brush marker friendly
  • Sized 185mm x 185 mm


Art is never wrong and creativity always finds the right answer. We've designed a dot grid notebook that is uniquely sqaure, and this silhouette provides a spacious canvas to capture every single one of your brillianst ideas. Use it like a sketchnook or journal. Draw, paint, and dream each one of your ideas, goals and ambitions, because when it comes to your creative vision, you are always right!

Always Right Dot Grid Notebook - Forget Me Not

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